Choosing the Right Kids Quilt Cover

Children absolutely adore quilt covers which define their favorite colours and patterns. Their choice of bedding is a focal point of their room and helps make a design statement. Choosing a high quality kids quilt cover set is the perfect way to set the stage of your child’s room.

A kids quilt cover isn’t that different from the generic quilt cover a young couple would purchase, for instance. The idea is that it should appeal to a child, as opposed to strictly following current design trends. Upon choosing the correct set, know what should be included, what size you need, and then make your purchase based on comfort and durability.

What differentiates kids quilt covers to generic ones?
It’s quite simple; a kids quilt cover should appeal to a child! Designers do this in a number of ways – by use of colours, styles, cartoon characters and other television characters. Designers intend for the patterns and colours used to appeal to children, these are often vibrant, fun, happy designs.

Typically, a quilt cover aimed at a child is quite similar to that of a modern design. Manufacturers create children’s covers to be more durable and to possess more vibrant colours.

RBLM-2TWhat’s included?
A typical set will consist of a quilt cover and one or two pillowcases. The size of the set will determine how many pillowcases are included. Whilst a single bed set may contain one pillow, other bed sizes typically contain two. Should the child require an extra pillowcase, the manufacturer/retail shop will sell one separately.

A fitted/valance sheet is sometimes included within the set. An important point to remember is to take note of the manufacturer packaging before purchasing to know exactly what you’re getting.

What sizes are available?
Kids quilt cover sets are available in the same sizes that quilt and other bed covers are available in. Measuring the size of your quilt is important to ensure that the cover will fit on it. Whilst the majority of quilts will fit into a cover set of the same size, some quilts are slightly off and may not fit correctly. King single, single and double are the more commonly sought after children’s bed sizes.

Whilst larger sizes are available, manufacturers tend to focus on the above sizes.

Determining Comfort and Durability
Quilt covers are produced in a number of different prints and patterns, and appeal to children at large. Just as it does with bed sheets, the thread count and quality of material used affects the feel of the cover against a child’s skin. If you’re in need of a good nights sleep, I recommend choosing one of high quality!

The thread count is also a key factor in the durability of the quilt cover, typically the higher the thread count the less durable the cover will be. It is important to find the middle point, so that your child experiences a soft cover, but it will also withstand the rough treatment and regular cleaning it will receive. One brand I’ve grown to like for my children is Hiccups, sold by Home Comforts. You can click here to take a look at their selection of kids quilt covers, and other bedding accessories.

When shopping for a kids cover set online, ensure that you select a cover that will firstly fit the bed in question, before basing your judgement upon design or colours. This creates a good idea of what is actually available, and makes your decision much easier.


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