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A Pillow Is Worth 1000 Words

red-white-throw-pillows-black-couchOkay, okay – whilst my title mightn’t make the utmost sense, pillows in your home definitely do! If you’re seeking an easy fix for that dull, daunting-looking old room, decorative pillows may very well present a viable solution. They are among the most inexpensive ways to update your home decor, and can help brighten up any space and tie accessories in a room together. Follow this post and learn how to update your homes appearance today.

Choosing The Right Pillows
The addition of a pillow to any bed, couch or chair can help revitalize it entirely. There are just so many choices and different styles you can opt for, it’s difficult to make a decision. Keep an open mind when shopping, and opt for pieces that will tie in with the overall decor of your home. If you’re looking for a rustic, older look, drastic flashy pillows mightn’t work well. If you know exactly what you’re looking for – purchasing custom might be the way to go.

Home Comforts offers a selection of latex, European and Goose down pillows to help bring a little colour into your home. And remember, you can present multiple ideas in one room. Whilst you might want something hip and loft, you can also bring a sophisticated edge to that same room. Pillows can be used to highlight or dull down a room. A more confrontational room might benefit from a single shade pillow, whilst a calmer room may look best with a grabbing pattern, colour or texture.

I also thought it might be worth sharing this cool make-shift homemade pillow.

Find Balance
Like everything, finding balance in your home is also important. Trying to complete a room without overdoing a certain colour or pattern can be difficult, one way to ensure you’re on the right track is to pay attention to the seasons. Light yellows and greens might represent moving into summer, whilst a blue or darker shades are more representative of a cozy winter hideaway. If your bedroom is looking bland, try coupling throw pillows with a large euro square pillow; artfully arrange the throw pillows at the front. For a luxurious look, go for designer style, once again custom sewn is an excellent idea.

Accessorize An Entry Way
Get creative! A stylish bench, with some elegantly decorated pillows can provide the perfect place for visitors to leave their shoes upon entering your home. For a cozy, rustic look, try a country bench with plaid pillows. If modern is more your style, something in steel or glass may be the way to go. Decorate this with silk pillows.


Choosing Your Colour Scheme

Having trouble picking the perfect colour scheme for your home or project? Here’s some inspirational ideas to hold your hand along the way. Remember, colour scheme is subjective, there are virtually no wrongs or rights, it’s a matter of taste. In this article, we’re going to outline some core steps to deciding upon the perfect choice.

Dark/Light Colours – Dark colours can accentuate depth and space in a room. Should you opt for a warm, welcoming room, a lighter scheme may be a better choice. A darker room may help set the mood in a bedroom, theatre or ‘mancave’.

Art – Allow art to influence your choices, it will add personality and create the foundation for the style you are looking for. If you’re choosing your colour based on your art, ensure that you use a shade or two lighter than frame of your artwork to really make it ‘pop’.

Pick Your Favourites – Why go past your favourite colours? You’re sure to love your room if you choose colours you like.

101730222.jpg.rendition.largestThe Classics – If you’re stuck for originality.. why go past the classics. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel after all! Blue and white, red and brown, you simply cannot go wrong. To bring a little spark to the old-school look, accessorise!

Don’t Forget The Windows – Dress your windows elegantly, allow them to be a focal point of your creation. If you opt for a feature wall, dress your windows accordingly. Our brown feature wall is complimented by a brown shade – and it really did justice to the room. Try to incorporate similar colours through your furniture, in your chairs, couches and tables.

Pillows – Draw inspiration from your pillows, if you wish for the pillow to be a feature of the room, opt for more neutral colours for your walls; or soft salmon or pink for instance. This technique seems to work exceptionally well as these rooms are dressed by professionals that know exactly what works.

A Theme – Whether it’s modern or ancient, a theme is another perfect starting point. To liven things up use contrasting modern colours. To make things look a little ‘older’, use simple, elegant colours and accessories.

Use Your Closet – Love the blazer hanging in your wardrobe? The warm fuzzy jumper you wear the second winter comes around? Use it for inspiration to set the tone of your room. Bring pieces with you to the shop, you never know what you might find that will match.

101706229.jpg.rendition.largestSet The Scene – Serene, cozy or vibrant? Set the scene for the room from the moment you walk in. The white, elegant linen used in this image produces a cozy, welcoming vibe. Assume the feeling you want when you step into that room, associate this with colours that make you feel that way.

Furniture – When looking at a blank room, it’s often difficult to know where to start. Have a piece of furniture placed in the middle, and center the theme of the room around that. If your feature furniture is bold, your walls should be more subdued. Accessories with a colour that pops will compliment nicely.

Paint Or Wallpaper?

The walls of your room have the power to transform the appearance of your house. Whilst a gloomy room can instantly be made homely with light paint, a pale room can be transformed with a darker wallpaper. After the recent downstairs renovation of our house, we’ve decided to compile a list of advantages and disadvantages to paint or wallpaper to help you make the right decision. Factors to consider are application, cost, space and versatility.

Kids or Pets?
This may be a good place to begin your checklist – do you have children or pets? Both tend to LOVE leaving marks on the walls – and it’s definitely something to take into consideration when making your choice. Opting for a scrubbable wallpaper such as vinyl, may be a better choice. It’s easier to clean than paint, and isn’t as easily damaged as paper.

– Painting offers a quicker solution to dealing with small issues. It’s a very fast way to immediately bring life back into a dull room.

– There are literally thousands of shades of colours available. Should you require paint that will match your tiles/floorboards, you can bring a sample to the paint store and have the colour matched. Painting allows you to create the exact look that you want.

– Paint offers a whole host of finish options – this includes flat, matte, satin or gloss (semi/high).

– As opposed to old-school oil based paints, today’s commonly used water based paints offer a simple clean up solution. When we painted downstairs, I couldn’t have been happier that we opted for water paints. Cleanup was a treat, and any errors we made could be taken off if acted quickly upon.

– Whilst paint offers a huge selection of choices, so too does wallpaper – allowing you to mix and match whatever design you’re looking for.

– Applying wallpaper isn’t the tedious task it once was. The majority of wallpapers now have a surface that simply requires moisture to stick to the wall.

– If your walls are uneven of have cracks (like ours did) and you are looking for an effective solution to cover them, look no further than wallpaper. If you want to cover the wall entirely, wallpaper is the perfect option.

Remember, should you opt for a different colour or design, it is far easier to paint over paint, than it is to remove wallpaper, prep and re-paint/re-wallpaper. This is perhaps one of the most important things to note, paint offers more long-term ease and flexibility. Wallpaper also tends to peel away in moisture-high areas of your home.

Painting requires considerably less preparation than wallpaper. Both have their cost advantages. Applied professional wallpaper is the pricey option, however it offers more character and class in design. Painting, requires very few supplies and can be applied relatively cheaply by an amateur.

Interior Design By Rebecca Robeson

I just recently tuned into Rebecca Robeson’s interior design channel on Youtube. Episode 5 is linked below, and it’s a great look into the planning, time and dedication professional interior design actually requires. Client, Denise, wants a “home and not a showplace”, something cozy and homely.

Rebecca takes Denise on a shopping journey to take a look at what’s in, and what’s not – to gain a true perspective of what a modern home should look like. Rebecca helps Denise visualize exactly what she needs in order to fill the homely void.

She helps broaden, sharpen and create more space – take a look at the video below.

The 3D sketching is really cool!

The Thread Count Myth

8750369_f260The thread count simply refers to the number of threads within a certain portion of fabric. Traditionally it has been used as an indicator of quality. The higher the thread count, the more cotton in the sheet and the tighter the weave. This in theory gives you a superior, durable and long lasting sheet.

Thread count has now become just one factor to consider. A more important factor is that of the quality of cotton used. A 1000 thread count sheet, which may previously have been recognized as very high quality, may be worse off than a 300 thread count sheet with much better quality cotton.

A rule of guide when buying sheets or quilt covers:

  • A basic or standard sheet will range from 180tc to 225tc.
  • A 300tc or higher sheet is generally considered to be good quality. The difference between a 300 and 1000 thread count sheet is difficult to tell.

So how does the normal person select the perfect bed sheet?

  1. Do you like the feel of the sheet?
  2. Are they 100% cotton or a blend? eg Poly cotton.
  3. Does the packaging state ‘Cotton Rich’? If so, this is another word for Polycotton and the sheets will NOT be 100% cotton.

Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best fibre used in sheets. The climate is perfect in Egypt and the soil along the Nile is extremely rich. Once again, it is important to check the percentage of cotton in the sheets – 100% cotton is best.