The Thread Count Myth

8750369_f260The thread count simply refers to the number of threads within a certain portion of fabric. Traditionally it has been used as an indicator of quality. The higher the thread count, the more cotton in the sheet and the tighter the weave. This in theory gives you a superior, durable and long lasting sheet.

Thread count has now become just one factor to consider. A more important factor is that of the quality of cotton used. A 1000 thread count sheet, which may previously have been recognized as very high quality, may be worse off than a 300 thread count sheet with much better quality cotton.

A rule of guide when buying sheets or quilt covers:

  • A basic or standard sheet will range from 180tc to 225tc.
  • A 300tc or higher sheet is generally considered to be good quality. The difference between a 300 and 1000 thread count sheet is difficult to tell.

So how does the normal person select the perfect bed sheet?

  1. Do you like the feel of the sheet?
  2. Are they 100% cotton or a blend? eg Poly cotton.
  3. Does the packaging state ‘Cotton Rich’? If so, this is another word for Polycotton and the sheets will NOT be 100% cotton.

Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best fibre used in sheets. The climate is perfect in Egypt and the soil along the Nile is extremely rich. Once again, it is important to check the percentage of cotton in the sheets – 100% cotton is best.


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