Paint Or Wallpaper?

The walls of your room have the power to transform the appearance of your house. Whilst a gloomy room can instantly be made homely with light paint, a pale room can be transformed with a darker wallpaper. After the recent downstairs renovation of our house, we’ve decided to compile a list of advantages and disadvantages to paint or wallpaper to help you make the right decision. Factors to consider are application, cost, space and versatility.

Kids or Pets?
This may be a good place to begin your checklist – do you have children or pets? Both tend to LOVE leaving marks on the walls – and it’s definitely something to take into consideration when making your choice. Opting for a scrubbable wallpaper such as vinyl, may be a better choice. It’s easier to clean than paint, and isn’t as easily damaged as paper.

– Painting offers a quicker solution to dealing with small issues. It’s a very fast way to immediately bring life back into a dull room.

– There are literally thousands of shades of colours available. Should you require paint that will match your tiles/floorboards, you can bring a sample to the paint store and have the colour matched. Painting allows you to create the exact look that you want.

– Paint offers a whole host of finish options – this includes flat, matte, satin or gloss (semi/high).

– As opposed to old-school oil based paints, today’s commonly used water based paints offer a simple clean up solution. When we painted downstairs, I couldn’t have been happier that we opted for water paints. Cleanup was a treat, and any errors we made could be taken off if acted quickly upon.

– Whilst paint offers a huge selection of choices, so too does wallpaper – allowing you to mix and match whatever design you’re looking for.

– Applying wallpaper isn’t the tedious task it once was. The majority of wallpapers now have a surface that simply requires moisture to stick to the wall.

– If your walls are uneven of have cracks (like ours did) and you are looking for an effective solution to cover them, look no further than wallpaper. If you want to cover the wall entirely, wallpaper is the perfect option.

Remember, should you opt for a different colour or design, it is far easier to paint over paint, than it is to remove wallpaper, prep and re-paint/re-wallpaper. This is perhaps one of the most important things to note, paint offers more long-term ease and flexibility. Wallpaper also tends to peel away in moisture-high areas of your home.

Painting requires considerably less preparation than wallpaper. Both have their cost advantages. Applied professional wallpaper is the pricey option, however it offers more character and class in design. Painting, requires very few supplies and can be applied relatively cheaply by an amateur.


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