Surviving Hot Nights in More Than A Bed Sheet

ImageRestless sticky summer nights inside your winter doona/quilt can now be a thing of the past.

The reality is, many of us still like to make our bed in the morning displaying our favourite quilt cover only to throw it off or get tangled up in it in the middle of a hot, sweaty night.

It then comes down to the one thought every person that has suffered through a strikingly hot night experiences.. “what can I use to cover myself at night that is more substantial than a sheet, but much lighter than the standard wool quilt?” Okay, sure – maybe it doesn’t come out exactly like that, more-so a number of groans, followed by anger, frustration and finally acceptance.. at 3am!

If this sounds like you, a summer cotton quilt may be a go to option. It’s perfect for the hotter months, and are light, cool and machine washable. They fold up to the size of a bed blanket making storage during winter easy. ¬†For those of you that can think of nothing worse than changing your doona to suit the seasons, consider having a cotton quilt all year round. Add additional layers such as a blanket or two as the weather gets cooler and you feel like you need something a little heavier. This is a perfect option for the ‘hot’ sleepers – believe me!